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1 half of the terrestrial globe
2 half of a sphere
3 either half of the cerebrum [syn: cerebral hemisphere]

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  • (RP): /ˈhɛmɪsfɪə/, /"hEmIsfI@/
  • (US): , /ˈhɛmɪsfɪər/, /"hEmIsfI@`/


From hemisphærium < (hēmisphairion) < (hēmi-) "half" and (sphaira) "sphere"


  1. A half-sphere, formed by a plane intersecting the center of a sphere.
  2. Half of the Earth, the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere or Eastern Hemisphere.
  3. Either of the two halves of the cerebrum.



half of the Earth
lobe of cerebrum

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Hemisphere (from Ancient Greek ἡμισφαίριον - hēmisphairion "half of a sphere") may refer to:
As half of the brain:
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